Another blistering day

My next door neighbors promise me this is the hottest summer they’ve ever seen. Today is expected to reach triple digits with high humidity. The heat index could be as high as 121 degrees for a few hours in the afternoon. Fortunately, things are supposed to “cool down” on Sunday and for next week with highs “only” in the low 90’s.

Average temperatures for July and August are 89 degrees, so this truly is a hot summer that just won’t stop. I am definitely looking forward to autumn.

And I really can’t complain. Bill suggested taking a blow dryer outside and turning it full blast in my face to simulate Kuwait. No, thanks.

Road trip

Heading down to Florida for a few days where it is actually slightly cooler than my part of Georgia. It’s nice that going to my parents’ house isn’t quite the production it usually is. I have a gung-ho attitude that has me convinced the drive is “short,” and, while 7+ hours is much shorter than 15, there is a tiny nagging voice telling me that 7 hours in a car with a 2 year old who doesn’t like the car could easily feel like 15. I am trying to ignore that voice, prefering optimism to realism. If I weren’t optimistic I would not even attempt the drive.

Note for future reference

Do not attempt an Italian meringue buttercream frosting (with rum) when the temps are in the upper 90’s and the humidity is palpable.

Also note that putting soupy Italian meringue buttercream frosting (with rum) in the refrigerator will thicken it up, but not in time for the party that begins a half hour after you discover that Italian meringue buttercream frosting (with rum) won’t take in your sauna- esque kitchen.

Also note that Italian meringue buttercream frosting (with rum) tastes quite good soupy, slightly thick, and been-in-the-fridge-since-yesterday thick. Failure to have useable icing for my party yesterday just means more for me.


Coincidentally, I’m reading Haystack Full of Needles. I say “coincidentally” because this book was not on my summer reading list, but it just came my way. I also say “coincidentally” because Fritz happens to be reading Henry V for his upcoming school year which I happen to be planning right now. And Alice Gunther just happens to have a whole chapter on doing Shakespearean plays with other homeschoolers. And I just happened to have read that this morning.

And a big part of me is saying, “Oh, I could do that. I could produce Henry V with our home school group.”

And a big part of me is saying, “No, you do not have time or energy for that.”

And the first part says, “Theater is fun! have fun with your school year!”

And the second part retorts, “Fritz does not like getting up in front of people and performing. This would not be fun.”

And the crazy side of me says, “He’ll be fine. He needs to explore new growth opportunities.”

And the debate rages on. I think it’s time to return the book.

Yesterday, in photos

Fritz said, “Mom, look! My hair is half brown and half blond!” I told him people actually pay good money for highlights like his. No chemicals here: that’s sun bleaching. I wonder what it will look like when he gets it cut.

This is a jig-saw puzzle that Fritz completed with a little help from his sisters and me. He took the picture. Notice the conquering hero’s planted foot…on the kitchen table.

Peter said he was too tired to clean up his toys. And then he proved his point by passing out on the kitchen floor.
Jenny got an early Christmas present: her two front teeth.