Is it lying if nobody really believes you?

“Are you stinky?” I rhetorically asked my very stinky toddler.

“No,” he replied.


“Daddy stinky,” he suggested.

Daddy’s stinky?” Daddy was out running errands. “I think Petey’s stinky.”

He looked around as if to find inspiration and espied the dog.

“Greta stinky,” he suggested.

“Greta’s stinky? Hmmm…”

Normally, of course, I jump up right away to change my child’s offensive diaper, but I was in the middle of something and was enjoying this interesting conversation.

“Boys stinky,” was his next idea.

“The boys?” They were playing upstairs. “No, I really think you’re stinky.”

Mommy stinky,” he insisted with a devilish grin. And then, noticing that I had found a pause in my work and wanting to evade the dreaded diaper change, he ran away.