Pediatrician follow-up

I just got off the phone with the pediatrician as a follow up to the kids’ physicals on Wednesday.

I’m drained. Drained.

First, we talked vaccines. She had to pull their records which is why this conversation was postponed for two days. Why did I have problems with the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR (and now, I also realize, the Hep A)? She was polite while listening to my explanation of the moral dilemma I face regarding vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue. By the way, if you don’t know it yet, the new rule in the last year has been a booster between ages 4 and 6 for the chicken pox vaccine. One isn’t good enough. What a surprise.

I directed her to which explains things better than I can. She was interested, which I find comforting. She had also contacted the CDC looking for information, which I found highly professional and very kind. She gets my two thumbs up. The CDC had claimed there were no alternatives for measles and mumps, but says otherwise. I told her that I was going to wait until I got to Kansas, because Jenny can’t get these shots until late September anyway. I’ll not fight this fight more times than I have to.

I really wish I had never done research on vaccines. Ignorance is bliss.

And then she voiced concerns about Billy’s height and weight – concerns I share. She thought a consult with an endocrinologist would be good. Hello, Walter Reed, again. I might as well do this now, before we go.

But the emotional toll that these questions impose upon me are just too much. I know everything is fine. I know it. I trust it. But I have to have him tested, and maybe he’ll even need treatment for something. Because everything being fine, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It just means that I’ll get through it. Despite tears and worries and headaches and trips to Walter Reed.

In brief…

This morning I’ve got to get the dog from the vet who boarded her this weekend and shop for 3″ wide white fluff and 1″ wide gray velcro. And do school…

I’ll post some photos later and recap the weekend and the reunion.

For now, if you’ve already been to Danielle Bean’s website, you’ve seen these already. If not, here are two must-see links:

The Second Catholic Homeschool Carnival. This will be absorbing any free time I have today.

Children of God For Life’s FDA Alert: The FDA wants the public’s opinion about the use of aborted fetal cells being used in vaccines. Most states are mandating the chicken pox vaccine, but the only one available was made from aborted fetuses. Most doctors use the MMR vaccine, which also was made from aborted fetuses. Unless we speak up, there will continue to be no moral alternative to these vaccines. If you’ve ever resisted giving your child one of these vaccines, you know how much pressure and guilt is applied to parents to go against their conscience. I don’t want my child to suffer these dreadful diseases either, but a moral stand is a moral stand, and sometimes the consequences of a moral stand are unpleasant in this world. Here’s a chance to tell the government exactly what we think about corporations like Merck who have little to no regard for the moral sensibilities of those subjected to the laws their PACS successfully lobby to enact. Send the FDA a letter TODAY!!!!!