Sarah is looking for submissions to the Mary Moments carnival over at Behold Your Mother:

Mary Moments: the Upcoming Rosary Edition

The rosary has a special place in my life, and I can’t wait for this month’s Mary Moments carnival! We’ll be celebrating the rosary with our monthly Mary Moments at Behold Your Mother.

Share your stories, your reflections, and your enthusiasm.
What is your “relationship” with the rosary?
What are some tips you have to share with others?
How has the rosary impacted your life?

Submit your posts by October 10 using the online form or by emailing me at peerybingle [at] gmail [dot] com. If you don’t have a blog, I’d be happy to host your guest post here at my blog. We’ll have Mary Moments live by October 15.

She even suggests combing your archives if time is a constraint!

In brief…

This morning I’ve got to get the dog from the vet who boarded her this weekend and shop for 3″ wide white fluff and 1″ wide gray velcro. And do school…

I’ll post some photos later and recap the weekend and the reunion.

For now, if you’ve already been to Danielle Bean’s website, you’ve seen these already. If not, here are two must-see links:

The Second Catholic Homeschool Carnival. This will be absorbing any free time I have today.

Children of God For Life’s FDA Alert: The FDA wants the public’s opinion about the use of aborted fetal cells being used in vaccines. Most states are mandating the chicken pox vaccine, but the only one available was made from aborted fetuses. Most doctors use the MMR vaccine, which also was made from aborted fetuses. Unless we speak up, there will continue to be no moral alternative to these vaccines. If you’ve ever resisted giving your child one of these vaccines, you know how much pressure and guilt is applied to parents to go against their conscience. I don’t want my child to suffer these dreadful diseases either, but a moral stand is a moral stand, and sometimes the consequences of a moral stand are unpleasant in this world. Here’s a chance to tell the government exactly what we think about corporations like Merck who have little to no regard for the moral sensibilities of those subjected to the laws their PACS successfully lobby to enact. Send the FDA a letter TODAY!!!!!