a few good days

After a miserable week of worrying about having to find an apartment in VA while waiting for base housing, we learned on Friday that a house will be available “next month”. Yippee. I was absolutely elated.

Now, the elation has somewhat subsided and I’m eager for something more specific than “next month”. I want to plan! Give me a date!!

Ah, the human mind grows so easily restless.

Yesterday, my 3 1/2 year old daughter seemed to react with a mixture of surprise and horror when she learned that she is not yet married. We had been talking about the legends of St. Valentine who supposedly married Roman soldiers against the emporer’s law and for this crime was imprisioned and killed. I asked her if Dad and I should run out and secure her a husband immediately. She said yes. So, note to daughter Katie in the future: you gave us permission. I’ve got a few ideas…

I promised her that in 20 years, she might have a different idea about who should be selecting her husband.

A few days ago she said that she would not be having any children. Fritz wants 100. My kids are so different.