Memory Lane

Great (or not so great) thing about moving is finding all sorts of memory distractions.  I found a note written to my husband on the eve of our anniversary, 15 years ago.  We will be married 20 years this fall, but this is from our 5th anniversary.  Has anything changed?  Apparently not much!

“It’s such a shame that you’re there and I’m here when I’m sure we would rather be anywhere as long as it was together.”  I don’t know where he was, but not with me: the story of our life.

“Yes, things have changed beyond my imagining from the time we first began our married life together.  But they only seem to change for the better.”  Still true.

“You always say I never regret anything.”  I distinctly remember him repeating this last month.  “I do tend to do my best to accept the path my decisions and fate have combined to lead me to.”  I say “God” more than “fate” now.  “I can say with absolute certainty that my choice to spend my life with you is not a decision I’m just dealing with.  It is definitely the best decision I ever made.”  He still apologizes often for this crazy trip we’re on, and I have to remind him every time that I willingly came along for the ride.  “Thank you for being a fantastic husband and father to my children.”  Still fantastic, just 5 more children than when I wrote that.

This move to Virginia coincides with his completion of War College which he did “distance learning,” which means in addition to his regular job, for the last two years.  His last job took him out of town frequently, and when he was home, he had school work to do.  This new job seems to keep him mostly local, and his time at home won’t be burdened with the stress of reading and writing papers.  I have no idea what to expect in this new phase of our lives, but I sincerely doubt it will be boring.