In brief…

This morning I’ve got to get the dog from the vet who boarded her this weekend and shop for 3″ wide white fluff and 1″ wide gray velcro. And do school…

I’ll post some photos later and recap the weekend and the reunion.

For now, if you’ve already been to Danielle Bean’s website, you’ve seen these already. If not, here are two must-see links:

The Second Catholic Homeschool Carnival. This will be absorbing any free time I have today.

Children of God For Life’s FDA Alert: The FDA wants the public’s opinion about the use of aborted fetal cells being used in vaccines. Most states are mandating the chicken pox vaccine, but the only one available was made from aborted fetuses. Most doctors use the MMR vaccine, which also was made from aborted fetuses. Unless we speak up, there will continue to be no moral alternative to these vaccines. If you’ve ever resisted giving your child one of these vaccines, you know how much pressure and guilt is applied to parents to go against their conscience. I don’t want my child to suffer these dreadful diseases either, but a moral stand is a moral stand, and sometimes the consequences of a moral stand are unpleasant in this world. Here’s a chance to tell the government exactly what we think about corporations like Merck who have little to no regard for the moral sensibilities of those subjected to the laws their PACS successfully lobby to enact. Send the FDA a letter TODAY!!!!!


2 thoughts on “In brief…

  1. Thank you!

    Can I ask you a personal question? Do you vaccinate at all?

    I am REALLY torn here since I did vaccinate Paxton and Ella with the chicken pox vaccine. Shepherd is coming up to that time and now I am really disturbed about if after visiting a few different sites including the one you linked to. We are good friends with two different chiropractors, neither of whom vaccinate their children. Their reasons are philosophical and I really respect them, but it was easier to dismiss their choices as being based on a little fear and discomfort, not on moral ground. Now, it’s on. This is SO about morals for me.

    Any advice? Sorry for the long comment!

  2. My oldest two boys have all the vaccines. Katie has all but her last MMR (she only reached the 4 – 6 age range a year ago). Jenny has all up to one year where I didn’t do the chicken pox, but she’s had everything else except for her 4 – 6 year MMR booster (she’s only 3). Pete has what they recommend for up to one year (Hepatitis A or B? and something else – polio?), but nothing after that. I didn’t even start him on the MMR.

    With my older 3, I was ignorant and terrified of disease. Then I started reading about the immunizations from a moral perspective. Then I got really mad from a “consumer” perspective: I really feel that big corporations lobby for these things to be mandated with more regard to the Almighty Dollar than to what is truly best for our children. Not that they want bad things for our kids, but that they won’t look at data that suggests a link between immunizations and autism or that suggests waiting until the children are older would be better for them (the longer you wait, the fewer customers you will actually get). Also, it boggles my mind why my babies need to be immunized from things that they can only catch if exposed to contaminated blood (via sexual intercourse or shared needles).

    And lastly, I’m really ticked off at the arrogance of doctors who pooh-pooh a parent’s concerns about safety, use fear tactics to pressure parents to go against their instincts or moral leanings, get visibly upset and take personal offense over a parent choosing to go against their medical advice, and who deny that there are alternatives to some vaccines (either out of ignorance or laziness). It also bothers me that they seem truly unaware of how much playground or playgroup chit chat is devoted to this subject and how much of a real concern it is for parents. Telling us to shush up and do what they say doesn’t really solve the problem.

    MOST of the vaccines your children are given are morally fine. Whether they are medically necessary at the age of 3 months is another matter. I see no reason to vaccinate tiny babies who stay at home with mommy in a community with no serious outbreaks. I wonder if we aren’t setting ourselves up for future illnesses by weakening our immune system through vaccines (instead of bolstering it through illness or exposure to germs).

    I could go on…Nicole, you have to do what you think is right for your family and your baby. Good luck.

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