Pediatrician follow-up

I just got off the phone with the pediatrician as a follow up to the kids’ physicals on Wednesday.

I’m drained. Drained.

First, we talked vaccines. She had to pull their records which is why this conversation was postponed for two days. Why did I have problems with the chicken pox vaccine and the MMR (and now, I also realize, the Hep A)? She was polite while listening to my explanation of the moral dilemma I face regarding vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue. By the way, if you don’t know it yet, the new rule in the last year has been a booster between ages 4 and 6 for the chicken pox vaccine. One isn’t good enough. What a surprise.

I directed her to which explains things better than I can. She was interested, which I find comforting. She had also contacted the CDC looking for information, which I found highly professional and very kind. She gets my two thumbs up. The CDC had claimed there were no alternatives for measles and mumps, but says otherwise. I told her that I was going to wait until I got to Kansas, because Jenny can’t get these shots until late September anyway. I’ll not fight this fight more times than I have to.

I really wish I had never done research on vaccines. Ignorance is bliss.

And then she voiced concerns about Billy’s height and weight – concerns I share. She thought a consult with an endocrinologist would be good. Hello, Walter Reed, again. I might as well do this now, before we go.

But the emotional toll that these questions impose upon me are just too much. I know everything is fine. I know it. I trust it. But I have to have him tested, and maybe he’ll even need treatment for something. Because everything being fine, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It just means that I’ll get through it. Despite tears and worries and headaches and trips to Walter Reed.


3 thoughts on “Pediatrician follow-up

  1. Prayers for you and Billy. Good for you for doing your research about the vaccinations. I, too, just did that myself about a year ago ( you may or may not remember my asking for advice about it). Ignorance was bliss, but now I that I know better I am making better choices. –similar to foregoing Starbucks lattes since finding out that they donate a percentage of their profits to Planned Parenthood. Oh, how I miss those split shot lattes….Principle, principle, principle….

  2. Wow. I had no idea about any of these until I had the kids already in the vaccination pipeline.I hope that Billy is doing OK and is just a “late grower.” Prayers coming along for that.

  3. Yeah, I hate the vaccine discussion. I have had it many times, and it makes the dr. visits very stressful and adversarial. I have never had the respect shown to me you did by your dr. I hope the test results are all fine, and Billy is just smaller than average.

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