Rated R jokes

I’m sure you’ve heard this one:

What’s an Irishman’s idea of foreplay?
“Brace yourself, Mary!”

It’s just a joke, and no offense is meant to lovers of the Emerald Isle, of course. And being a joke, I’m sure something like that never really happened.

Here’s another one:

Pregnant woman (looking in the mirror at her expanding mid-section): How did this happen?

Her (partially Irish) Husband: Take off your clothes, and I’ll show you!

Again, it’s just a joke, and people don’t really have conversations like that.
Certainly not in this house.


2 thoughts on “Rated R jokes

  1. Ya know… there are NEVER conversations like that in this house either! Like last night, 6 days after giving birth… my husband would never think of winking at me and obviously checking out my legs. One could say that is how you get children 10 months apart in age… but those things never happen!

  2. Nope, not in my house either!

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