Easy money

Among the long list of questions asked at my initial OB appointment was if I had any hobbies or activities that would be affected by my pregnancy. With as straight a face as I could manage, I replied that my part-time job as a stripper was beginning to suffer.

New York wants to make strippers get a license to dance. I skimmed through this article which offers not much of interest to me, except for the quote that dancers at one club earn six-figures, which they don’t necessarily declare on their tax returns. Holy cow. How do you convince a twenty-something young woman that this is just not a good way to make money?

4 thoughts on “Easy money

  1. You convince them by making them get a licence, thereby ensuring that they can sufficiently delude themselves into believing that they are “businesswomen”, “entrepreneurs”. Oh, In Washington, breast implants can also be tax write-offs for these special “workers”. Nice.Sick, isn’t it?

  2. Bwahahahhahahaa. I love your sense of humor.

  3. Dangit, my doctor would NEVER ask a question like that. Now I’ll never have the opportunity to have that snappy comeback. Oh well, I’ll give it to my sisters, I can’t WAIT until they have an occasion to use it!

  4. I used to joke with my husband when we were at a point where I needed to make a a little extra with a part time job that I’d just go do a few nights at the nearbly club rather than working a whole year at a minimum wage job.He never thought it was as funny as i did. 😉Seriously though….for so many lost souls out there, it seems like such an easy way to “make it” in the world.

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