Road trip

Heading down to Florida for a few days where it is actually slightly cooler than my part of Georgia. It’s nice that going to my parents’ house isn’t quite the production it usually is. I have a gung-ho attitude that has me convinced the drive is “short,” and, while 7+ hours is much shorter than 15, there is a tiny nagging voice telling me that 7 hours in a car with a 2 year old who doesn’t like the car could easily feel like 15. I am trying to ignore that voice, prefering optimism to realism. If I weren’t optimistic I would not even attempt the drive.

3 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Driving with an unhappy passenger has always been the worst for me. My secret to keeping the kids mildly happy on long trips has been plying them with M&Ms and other goodies. Sooner or later they crash from the sugar high and the rest of the drive is quiet and peaceful. Hope your drive goes well and your little one stays happily entertained.

    I tagged you for a blog award on my blog yesterday.

  2. Prayers for a safe (and peaceful) journey!

  3. Coming in here a little after the fact, but in last week's Parade magazine there was an idea for keeping kids amused on car trips. While it won't help Mary, the enthusiasm of the older ones may distract her for awhile. It is called “fortunately – unfortunately”. It starts with “Unfortunately there is a lion sitting next to you.” “Fortunately, he is only a baby.” “Unfortunately, he has big claws.” “Fortunately, he is purring right now.” etc. ad nauseum. If you do it, you ought to tape it for posterity. The kids have great imaginations!

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