Coincidentally, I’m reading Haystack Full of Needles. I say “coincidentally” because this book was not on my summer reading list, but it just came my way. I also say “coincidentally” because Fritz happens to be reading Henry V for his upcoming school year which I happen to be planning right now. And Alice Gunther just happens to have a whole chapter on doing Shakespearean plays with other homeschoolers. And I just happened to have read that this morning.

And a big part of me is saying, “Oh, I could do that. I could produce Henry V with our home school group.”

And a big part of me is saying, “No, you do not have time or energy for that.”

And the first part says, “Theater is fun! have fun with your school year!”

And the second part retorts, “Fritz does not like getting up in front of people and performing. This would not be fun.”

And the crazy side of me says, “He’ll be fine. He needs to explore new growth opportunities.”

And the debate rages on. I think it’s time to return the book.

4 thoughts on “Ambitions

  1. Admit it, you are TOTALLY eavesdropping on the conversations going on in my brain.


  2. We did A Midsummer Night's Dream and it went beautifully. Even my son. You can do it! I was co-director. It helps to have a co-director. And, a costume maker. And, a set designer. You need a team of parents willing to contribute; not just drop they kid off at rehearsal.

    I'm just sayin…

  3. While I totally understand how Fritz feels, in 7th grade we had to start doing oral book reports in front of the class (I hated it). This will help prepare him for whatever presentations he has to do for badges and his Eagle project. At least there will be others “onstage” with him (you can always have silent background people for moral support for any speeches, if you decide speeches would be necessary). Food for thought….

  4. Go look at the awesome performance pictures on the blogs – KC, Alice, Mary Ellen, Macbeth and they'll tip you right over the edge! Have fun!

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