12 thoughts on “New Job Title

  1. Mmmm. Better you than me, sister. 😉

  2. As the mom of a child who would hold it for 10 days at a time, I can honestly say I'm glad to be past the days of encouraging a child to poop.

  3. Really did lol at this! Could put that on my resume.

  4. Just got finished training #9, who will be three in September. What a relief.

  5. Ugh. I SO remember those days. I had one who really struggled with that aspect of potty training (my youngest) and we've only recently reached some regularity and independence. Never thought I would be so concerned with the potty habits of other people!

  6. This really truly made me laugh out loud — all the more because we are in the thick of such coaching in our home!

  7. HA!…says the non-mother… 🙂

    Good luck!!!

  8. Oh my goodness. This is hilarious. I, too, am a poop doula. It's an exhausting, smelly job, but someone's gotta do it. If only the end result of all that labor was cuter than you know what.

  9. Michelle, this another one of your truly hilarious posts and I too laughed out loud. I am delighted to report that this is one of my past job titles, and thankfully not present.

  10. You are the BMD. I gave up and went back to diapers. For him. Not me. Yet.

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