Another blistering day

My next door neighbors promise me this is the hottest summer they’ve ever seen. Today is expected to reach triple digits with high humidity. The heat index could be as high as 121 degrees for a few hours in the afternoon. Fortunately, things are supposed to “cool down” on Sunday and for next week with highs “only” in the low 90’s.

Average temperatures for July and August are 89 degrees, so this truly is a hot summer that just won’t stop. I am definitely looking forward to autumn.

And I really can’t complain. Bill suggested taking a blow dryer outside and turning it full blast in my face to simulate Kuwait. No, thanks.

One thought on “Another blistering day

  1. guess i shouldnt complain to you about our 'hot' 75 degrees today, huh? i am NOT looking forward to next summer when we will be in vegas. bright side is it wont be humid. . . humid heat is one i cannot handle!!

    stay cool and dry my friend (i know, not possible)

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