New Month’s Resolution for June

If you read the title of this post and know what I’m talking about, you are an old friend indeed.

It was my old posts on this topic through which I was searching recently.  I could not believe it, but I did that series for two and a half years.  My first one was July 2006.  That was nearly eight years ago.  My oldest son recently turned 16.  He was still a baby back then.  I did them faithfully every month (except for January 2007 and 2008 when I did New Year’s resolutions), and then I gave up in early 2009.

Not too long ago, I saw, perhaps in a combox, somebody (Jennie C? Sarah R?) reminiscing about this series.  For those of you who weren’t with me back then, the concept is very simple.  Instead of trying to become a new person overnight, pick one small, simple thing you’d like to work on for just one month.  In December 2006, I resolved to sit down for 15 minutes every day and relax.  In May 2008, I resolved to pray the rosary daily.   My favorite was June 2008 when I resolved to not kill my husband.  Six years later, and I’m still keeping that one!

This month, I am going to write almost every day.  I may not blog every day, but I will try to write most days.  There are a number of non-blogging writing projects I have in mind, and I’d like to see how far I can get on them this summer.  I have a growing file of outlines of things I hope to write “one day.”  Outlining counts as writing.

Are you game?  Have a resolution for the month?  Let’s hear it!

7 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolution for June

  1. OK. Here goes. And since you got this whole thing started you get to make me accountable.
    I have to exercise 3 times a week this month. It can be at the gym or outdoors when weather permits. But 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time. I’m not liking the number I’m seeing on the scale these days.

  2. I just had a bit of surgery 10 days ago and I’m not supposed to exercise other than walking or lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. Until July 10th. It’s killing me. So my monthly resolution is to take it easy and follow doctor’s orders.

  3. My new month’s resolution is to spend more time at home. Oh snap! I was home 7 days last month and will only get 5 in this month. OK…I’ll hold that one over for July.

  4. I was just thinking about this too, Michelle…and maybe I will try this out sometime. (You inspired me to do these for a lonnnng time too. I am barely resisting the urge to do some archive hopping of my own…)

    Can I resolve not to kill my kids as we figure out our summer routine (which we’re 3 weeks out from being close to even KNOWING)? Huh? Can I? Maybe I’ll even blog about it…


    Glad to have you back…have I said that lately? 🙂

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