New Month’s Resolution for May

Six weeks from today, my husband graduates and we move halfway across the country. Fortunately for me, the expected deployment isn’t happening, so I can look forward to this move with excitement and not dread.

As you might expect, the next few weeks will be just a little insane. It can’t be helped. One does not pack up an entire house and six small children and a dog without a certain degree of chaos: 360 degrees of chaos to be exact. No matter which direction I will turn, bedlam will be right there, guaranteed.

Could I resolve to exercise more? Eat better? Rest or relax? What’s the point? I know I won’t do it.

This month, I’m going to pray. A lot. Daily rosary. Daily Mass if my husband’s schedule permits. I need all the graces available to make this transition a pleasant one.

What is a New Month’s Resolution? Every month I look at where I need to focus my attention. Perhaps I’ve been procrastinating on certain chores. Perhaps I need to spend some extra time with one or more of the kids. Perhaps I’d like to try a new habit. New Month’s Resolutions are not grandiose plans to lose ten pounds or declutter the entire house or give up smoking (of course, I don’t smoke, but if I did, this would not be the venue in which I would give it up). New Month’s resolutions are short-term commitments; they are easily attained goals; they focus on what is needed right now, instead of what is best for a lifetime.

Do you have a new month’s resolution?

2 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolution for May

  1. I love your resolution. In fact, mine was almost that…and I think that may be where my resolution leads me. 🙂Mine’s a day or two late, but it’s up. 🙂 Thanks again for the inspiration to do this every month. (Otherwise I would just whine about things NEEDING to be done; now I have a way of STARTING them!)

  2. We are going to be following behind you by about 3 weeks. So, for May I want to find a house, sign the paperwork, and start to organize all the junk in this house. That about covers it.

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