Tomorrow’s (projected) schedule:

530 am wake up, get dressed, leash dog, run 2 miles
woke up on time, but so did Mary: no run, just coffee
615 am pour coffee, collapse in sweaty heap
616 am fetch crying baby
700 am shower, get dressed
baby fell asleep about 715 am and I got in the shower then
800 am start telling kids they need to eat and get dressed
815 am kiss Bill goodbye
830 am hunt down children for lessons
1030 am organize children in mid-morning cleanup
at 10 am the packer called and asked if he could come early (like now), I declare recess to cheers
1045 am send the one child who hasn’t completed school work to bedroom to work
at 910 am I sent an easily distracted child to his room to do math
1100 greet Mr. Packing Company Guy, show him around my tidy home, point out things like 100 year old piano that weighs 750 pounds and has no working wheels
Mr. PCG was gone by 11 am, house was not at all tidy; I had to push toys aside and feared greatly that this man who was easily in his 70s would trip; he was unfazed by the piano (he’s not the one moving it!)
1130 am greet friends coming over for playdate, wonder how many more closets Mr. PCG has left to view
Bill got out of class early and got home a few minutes before friends showed up
1145 am shake hands with Mr. PCG, rush out door with a mixture of children leaving little ones at home with friend, go to Mass
took Bill with me to Mass
1200 pm bask in the relative quiet of Mass with no toddler
ha! Mary is babbling now, and loudly
1210 pm irritatingly note that Mass with five school-aged children is a lot of work too
Bill and I sat behind the five kids and could easily monitor and correct chit-chatting
1230 pm ask another friend over for lunch and playdate
1235 pm arrive home and note uncomfortable husband conversing with woman he found in his house when he came home from school
110 pm suddenly remember Katie has a doctor’s appointment and beg Bill to take her despite him not being done with his lunch
he knew, but lunch was rushed
300 pm greet Bill and Katie as they return, say goodbye to friends leaving, realize I haven’t even thought about dinner, panic
Well. Friend A left her kids and took car for an oil change. Bill and Katie came back. Friend B and her kids went home. Bill left for his own doctor’s appointment. Friend A called because she left her wallet at my house and couldn’t get back on post. I round up 10 children and load van to deliver wallet. At some point, my hairdresser called and asked if we could reschedule for 730 pm instead of tomorrow afternoon. Sure!
315 pm organize another pickup-the-house party, threaten slackers with no outside playtime
Upon return from delivering wallet, told kids they had to clean up before they could go out, nearly went deaf from the protests, but at least they had their friends to help them
420 pm round up children and have them don uniforms for baseball games, remember that I haven’t thought about dinner since 3 pm, panic more
this involved complete changes of clothing for all kids because they partook in a water gun fight
440 pm take everyone but Jenny to Fritz’s baseball game, Bill takes Jenny to their parent-child baseball class
we drove to Burger King first and ordered take-out
550 pm leave Fritz at game and take everybody else to Billy and Katie’s baseball game
at 530 it started to rain. The worst part is that Fritz’s game was only in the 2nd inning; had they completed the inning it would have counted, but now he has to make it up on Tuesday.
630 pm greet Bill, Fritz and Jenny at the game
Bill and Jenny met us at home around 545 pm
715 pm shepherd the starving children into the van, really panic
at this time, I left for my hair appointment, Peter opened the door and the dog escaped chasing a squirrel, got dog, got in car wondering how long I would feel guilty if I fled to Aruba
720 pm feed everyone PB&J and ice cream
750 pm scrub dirt off Peter, tell everyone to get ready for bed
Peter had a proper bath before I left
815 pm say prayers, nurse Mary to sleep
I returned home, prayers were done, everyone was ready for bed, I wash Mary up and get her in her PJs
910 pm blog about how inaccurate my prediction was
I did my other blog post first, Mary woke up and I nursed her again, then worked on this one

1015 pm go to bed

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. This might be a dumb question, but are you moving?

  2. In 6 weeks.…will.not.hyperventilate…I found a house in Alexandria to rent.

  3. Ooog. So will Mr. Packing Company Guy actually PACK all your stuff? (It seems so novel – all our family moves have been last-minute panic fiestas, where we’re throwing stuff into boxes as the movers – or friends doubling as movers – haul things out…)

  4. Yes, the packers will put everything, including a full garbage can, into boxes. The movers will load it into trucks and deliver it.I don’t have to do a thing, thank goodness. Of course, unless I want them packing up a full garbage can, I need to organize.

  5. “The only folks who get a full service move are rich people and those in the military!” I have one of those 750lb pianos too. I found it beneficial to tip our poor movers who not only got it out of house A, but carried it up 3 steps and into house B. (though you won’t have the same crew on both ends)Be positive, you do have plenty of social interaction. Today’s scheldule will allow me to only interact with 2 souls over the age of 10.

  6. Man, if you need any help with the kids, I’m seriously only an hour away. DH used to work in McLean. Too bad he’s back on base here in MD. I’d send him over there after work to help you all unpack. 🙂 But really, email me if you want to meet up. I’ve moved five times in the almost nine years we’ve been married, and each time we had another kid/and/or a newborn. I did hyerventilate!

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