9 thoughts on “haircut

  1. So beautiful! (and multi-tasking too!)

  2. oooh, i really like it! laurathecrazymama and i were just talking about cutting our hair. i need to lose some more weight first though.*bummer, i just noticed i wasnt signed in and i cant do it unless i go to my blog first. arghr

  3. That is a fabulous haircut! Looks great!I’ll be praying that your upcoming move goes well, though I admit the kids and I are a bit disappointed that you aren’t coming back to NJ just now. Little Brother had a blast with your guys.

  4. You are beautiful. 🙂 Your day sounds a lot like mine.

  5. Barb: Aug/Sept time frame. I’ll make time for you. My kids had fun too.

  6. Gorgeous haircut!!

  7. Cute! I am going a ittle crazier in my raggy, ratty, nasty, vampira hair. I need a change.

  8. Nice cut! and, you did good!

  9. Your hair turned out great!

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