New Month’s Resolution for December

In this hectic month of planning, shopping, decorating, and baking, I resolve that every day at some point between the hours of 2 and 4 pm, I will rest for 15 minutes. I will make a cup of hot tea with lemon and put on some nice music. I think I have a CD of Advent themed Gregorian chants which will be perfect.

I will not address Christmas cards at this time. I will not flip through cook books. And I will do everything I can to turn off the nagging voice that constantly adds things to my mental to-do list.

What’s your new months’ resolution? What is a new month’s resolution?

9 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolution for December

  1. Oo ~ can I borrow your resolution? Or maybe I just try to focus my break-taking on one 15 minute break, and eliminate the 5 minute side-tracks I have all day long.

  2. Yours sounds good to me too! What a wonderful way to bring peace into the day. And when Mom’s feeling peaceful….

  3. …the whole season of Advent is peaceful. You got it.

  4. AMEN to that. You have to be very careful about that Adevent Devil….he will get ya if you are not careful. Sounds like you are being careful!

  5. Well, I had to share my MP3 player with a 4 year old, and then the teenager came in and told me all about his day in great detail….but at least I got in some “couch and coffee” time. (And I am very happy that my teenager still tells me about his day in great detail!)

  6. Does the time it takes to boil the water for the tea count in the 15 minutes, or does the 15 minutes start when you sit down with the tea? I only ask because I want you to get your full 15 minutes. And I secretly think you should shoot for a full half an hour. And not count the boiling time.

  7. Sister, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! No, the clock doesn’t start until I sit down with the tea at a drinkable temperature (having used boiling water to steep it). I wish I could do a full half hour, but I think I have HD (I have no problem with my attention span, just hyperactivity), and it is truly difficult for me to relax for even 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, my kids can do quite a bit of damage in the house. I’m trying to get them to sit still too!

  8. Wonderful resolution for the month. I am trying to do the same. Stop more. Relax more. Yell less. Flit about less.

    Here’s to a wonderful and peace filled advent season for all of us!

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