#sixwordwar – The Domestic Front

Did you see this article about #sixwordwar – soldiers summarizing their war-time experiences in only six words?  So many of the submissions are fabulous:

“Four trucks out, three trucks back.”

“I’ll never be this cool again.”

“Never deployed, uncomfortable with thank yous.”


I spent this weekend writing my own six word summarizes of war from the domestic front.

“Quality family time: daddy’s on skype.”

“Mustn’t forget: child psychologist appointment today.”

“WTH? They won’t accept the POA?”

“Family Separation Pay doesn’t cover lawncare.”

“Valium? No thanks. I prefer vodka.”

“Every morning, check for strange cars.”


And I thought of some related to redeployment:

“A weight lifted from my heart.”

“Remember when? No, you weren’t there…”


Let’s not leave the war stories to just the soldiers.  I’d love to hear your own #sixwordwar experiences.

7 thoughts on “#sixwordwar – The Domestic Front

  1. No experience as a military wife, but I have my own #sixwordwar:

    “Thank you” is not strong enough!

    Not one soldier, but a family!

    We appreciate what you have done!

  2. Daddy’s not the man who left.

  3. “This is gonna hurt for awhile” Those were my six words before the morphine took over…Dad

  4. My deployment/military wife words…

    What thing will break this week?
    You are leaving for where? When?
    It’s fine! Stay another 3 months…..
    Reservists ONLY work one weekend…. Ha!
    Hazard Pay is totally worth it.
    Don’t worry. We’re all doing fine.

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