Those irresponsible Jordanians

I am cleaning my desk and there is a piece of paper which amuses me greatly.  But I don’t want to keep this piece of paper, because it is clutter.  Amusing clutter, but clutter nonetheless.

And then I remembered: I have a blog.  No need to keep a piece of paper when I can commit it to my digital memory.

Many months ago, Bill went to Jordan.  He went swimming in the Dead Sea.  He saw the spot where Christ was baptized.  And he complained about how awful it was being away from home.  Drives me nuts.  Just flippin’ enjoy yourself.  How hard is that?

Anyway, he brought back a receipt from swimming somewhere – Amman Tourist Beach Swimming Pools – and it has rules written in English, of a kind.  Here they are:

  • Please Keep up the public
  • It is just for families
  • the administration is irresponsible for the loss of your property
  • please dont sit on she green yards
  • don’t enter any kind of animals
  • don’t enter tables or chairs or the nargniles
  • don’t enter balls or bikes
  • you will bear the responsibility if you swim after the sunsit
  • the ticket just for one use and at the same date
  • don’t enter alchoholic beveragess pubc
  • Prevents swimming for more than 100 meters


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