Velvet Elvis

The antique store was closed, but Bill and I were looking in the window.  Right in the front was a set of collector’s plates.


“When you’re dead,” I told my husband, “I shall live a spartan life.  Except for some of these…”  I waved my hand at the plates, all different, all featuring Elvis.


“Oh,” he replied, “I thought you were going to have one of those velvet pictures.”


“Yes!  One of those and all of these.”

It will save the children fighting over my belongings.

3 thoughts on “Velvet Elvis

  1. Have you toured Graceland in Memphis? I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely it is set up for tourists. Gives a lot of great history, both about Elvis and about the times in which he lived. Definitely worth doing once. I left a bigger Elvis fan than when I went in.

  2. Hey! I’ve always wanted a velvet Elvis, to hang right above the toilet. But they seem to be very hard to come by in Maine. Plus my husband said that he would leave me if I ever got one.

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