A few months ago, my husband got a new laptop.  It has Windows 8, a touch screen, and all sorts of other cool features.  I have not yet figured out how to use it, and if he’s not home, I spend considerable time fumbling around until I mange to get it to do what I want it to do.

One feature is that it has apps, just like the Kindle Fire or an iPad or a smart phone.  One app – our favorite app – is some bartender program.  You can tell it all the alcohol and mixers you have on hand, and it will tell you all the drinks you can make with them.  After checking off everything we had, it told us we could make over 80 different drinks.  I’m taste-testing them, one-by-one.

The latest is a Cosmopolitan: 1 shot of Cointreau, 2 shots of vodka, 1 shot of lime juice, and 2 1/2 shots of cranberry juice.  I have opened the cranberry juice, so all drinks for the next week will have to include it.

However, I am learning that one drink is more than enough, especially on an empty stomach.  While waiting for my still somewhat frozen meatloaf to bake, I decided to have one.  Well.  My cheeks are tingly, and it doesn’t bother me at all that the children are on their 4th straight hour of watching tv.  It’s thunderstorming, and it’s Sunday, right?


We all managed to get to confession yesterday.  For the second time in perhaps 6 months, I had a priest (different one each time), tell me I needed some “me-time.”  (Last time, the other priest suggested a vacation.  Not a family vacation, but a real MOM vacation.  That never did happen.)  Part of my penance this time has been to seriously consider how I can do this.  (Side note: dear, wonderful priests: I don’t mind you telling me to think about such things, but I really appreciate a penance I can do right after confession.  Three Hail Marys, a decade of rosary, cartwheels on the altar: something concrete and complete.  Giving me a vague “think about it” penance leaves me wondering if I have done enough yet…am I forgiven yet?  Just a suggestion.)  

Anyway, I’m wondering if having 2 or 3 shots of alcohol a few times a week is good enough “me-time”?  

Am I forgiven yet?

11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan

  1. Lol!!! Oh my! Umm perhaps you should let me lend a hand…..let’s see, sleepover weekend at the Penny house next time the main squeeze is in town. Then you get an overnighter with just the two of you. Dead serious offer – Take me up on it or you’re not forgiven….snicker, snicker!

    • You are very sweet, Marni! I actually think I’d be perfectly happy if everybody would just pitch in with all the housework without complaining for just ONE day. Is that asking too much?

  2. I realize I have as much of an idea what was said in the confessional as you do what was said at my last doctor’s visit, but my doctor told me the same thing, followed by a “Seriously!” Do these people listen? I “Seriously” doubt if I’d be at the doctor and you at the confessional (well, those particular sins) if we had time and money for vacation without the kids. If I could, I surely would! And I do not think seven happy hours a week equal a vacation. Nope. We need to acquire new “experts” in their fields. Or you can drop the kids and hub off at the rectory and I at the doctor’s home and hop on a flight to Rome together!

  3. Let’s pick a halfway point and we can meet for a girl’s weekend of doing nothing. Jim and Bill can watch the kids. In their spare time that the army gives so freely. Bwahahahahaha!! (I just amuse myself so much sometimes…!)

    • yeah, it’s that spare time thing. BTW, I think the very first reading Bill had to do for War College was all about finding the right balance and making sure your family remained a priority etc etc etc and blah blah blah. I’m pretty sure my responding language was rated “R”.

      • Um. Yeah. Good luck with that “balance” thing. If he masters it, he can teach Jim…..

  4. A vacation, without kids, alone? What? In all seriousness, are you able to do a weekend retreat? I’ve done a few with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word and it is like a mini vacation and spiritual renewal all at once.

    • 6 months ago – before George was mobile – I had thought about just going to a hotel for 1 or 2 nights. I could have taken him, and we could have just lain around all day. He wouldn’t have cared. Now, though, he is at the peak of mommy-neediness, at least emotionally, and I’m still nursing him, so leaving really isn’t fair to anybody. What I REALLY need is to give myself permission to be a slacker.

      • That, right there, is what I need…permission to be a slacker, if only for a day or two. When our last homeschool year ended I told myself I would have time over the summer getting the house put together and becoming more organized. Well, I’ve spent the whole summer doing just that, cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing, etc (besides all the kids summer activities)…to the point that I am now burnt out and the new year hasn’t even started yet!

        What I need now is a week to just be a “slacker”, aka, only do the basics. Let’s face it, being a mom of 5 is a full time job in itself without adding any projects to the mix. So this week I will not feel guilty about just doing the basic cleaning, cooking, nursing/changing diapers, keeping nap schedules…and maybe that will be enough to recharge me before we kick off homeschooling again!

  5. Catching up after a long time away. This one made me chuckle. You’re the best!

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