Sink Me!

The front page of the paper is all about a giant sinkhole that opened in Orlando, which my kids find fascinating.

Several weeks ago we watched The Scarlet Pimpernelthe 1982 version.  We loved it.  Sir Percy reminds me of Snagglepuss.

I did not realize how much Peter enjoyed the movie until that sinkhole in Orlando.  He’s been fluffing an imaginary cravat and saying “Sink me!” just like Sir Percy.

And then he screams and falls down into his imaginary sinkhole.

2 thoughts on “Sink Me!

  1. I’ve been checking your other blog for a while…hoping…Now I’ve found you again! Yay! Your confession post made me laugh. I think I’ve had the same priest for confession…..
    I’m glad I found you again.
    Thanks for writing.

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