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I’ve read quite a bit about Randall Terry, pro-life activist, on the internet.  Most of it from other pro-lifers.  Very little of it is nice.  Vitriolic is a better description.  It’s quite shocking, actually.  I don’t necessarily always agree with Randall Terry in methodology, but I recognize that we all have our role in life and those roles are not identical.  That Randall Terry is most despised by people who agree that abortion is wrong is a tremendous victory for the Dark Side (insert Darth Vader theme song here).

I also happen to know Randall Terry personally, and I know he’s a good and sincere man.  A bit of a loose cannon, yes.  Highly impassioned, yes.  But perfect, no. 

This article came out over a week ago, and I meant to link to it.  Finally, I have the time.  It’s long, but interesting to read to understand a bit more about what makes the man tick.

Randall Terry Shoots an Ad

One thought on “Interesting Bio

  1. Plus he has a killer sense of humor and is a lot of fun. Seriously, when are all these nay-sayers going to get it? People don't follow the milk-toast. They follow passion and courage. Randall has those in spades.

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