Halloween 2012

Quick!  Before the baby wakes up!  Put the Halloween pictures on the blog!

I miss blogging so much.  But life right now is very full.  I am counting the days until soccer is over.  That sport has put me on the precarious edge of insanity.

That and high school. 


I have so many other photos and stories to post…but they will have to wait, and may never happen.  The lost months…

OK.  Halloween.

Fritz was the Witch King of Angmar.  I thought he was too old to go out for candy, but not in this neighborhood.  One man knew who the Witch King was without googling it.

 Fritz did not like the tight feeling of nylon stretching across his face and smushing it, so I cut a sheer stocking and stapled it to the hood/ faux-chain mail.  It worked.

Billy was Ajunta Pall, the first dark Lord of the Sith.  Every year, somebody has to insist on a beard, made by burnt cork.

 Katie was the White Witch from Narnia.  We made her cape from a shower curtain (a $4 Goodwill find).  I hope to blog about how we made it…someday.

Jenny was an Indian princess.  She will be Saint Kateri Tekakwitha today.

Peter was an Italian Renaissance knight.  Knights do not smile.

Bill made his helmet using paper mache.  When Mary watched him do it, she said, “He’s gonna look silly with newspaper on his head!”  I think it came out ok.  He just can’t lift his head (design flaw – note for the future).  Beards and paper mache – every year, somebody, some thing.  Even when just trying on your helmet, you can not smile if you are a knight.

Mary was a fairy.  Mary the fairy.  It’s so easy to make a 5 year old girl happy.  Is it pink?  Is it pretty?  OK!

George was just George.  This is how he looked.  I actually had a little kid ask why he looked like an alien.  Without missing a beat, I said he was dressed up for Halloween.  Why do you look like Superman? I wondered, but did not say.

By the way, that quilt he’s lying on was Jenny’s (and mine) very first quilt.  She did most of the piecing.  I did the rest.  It’s not perfect, but it came out well.  Katie’s quilt (twin size) that we were working on (no link, because I have to get ready for Mass), just needs to have the binding finished.  Jenny’s and Mary’s quilts need to be pinned and quilted.  Alas, I had the baby before I got to that stage, and so they sit.

And now, to get ready for 8 am Mass.  Homeschool All Saints’ Day party after.  Maybe I’ll take more pictures.  I hope!

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2012

  1. Wonderful costumes! Naturally we are most fond of the WKofA, Jadis and the fantastic paper mache helmeted knight. Enjoy your busy life having a little 'alien' in the house – he's the sweetest thing ever. (I always say I'm going to quilt when I'm an old lady – I might be getting there)

  2. Love these!! I am SO not creative with my kids for Halloween. And – wow! – Fritz looks like a man!! We are having that round here, too. Scary.

  3. Love them! The helmet and cape are amazing!! 🙂

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