September Catch-Up

Jenny had a birthday.

In September.

I did get a picture. 

Jenny is now 9.

For her “party,” which consisted of having two neighborhood girls over, we made cake pops.  My MIL gave me a how-to book about cake pops, and my girls love it.  Jenny wanted cake pop owls, and so we made cake pop owls.  We’re not very good cake pop makers, but the girls had fun.  Some of the owls seem a bit distorted, but they sure tasted good.

Funky owls.  Delicious owls.

Other fun September stuff: we went to the science museum.

Rescue Heroes

Building a stable structure that can withstand earthquakes

You could make the whole table shake to see if your design survived


Using a robot to find victims in the rubble

A giant “operation” game

We did not have time to see everything at the science museum, but I bought a membership so we can go back.

We also went to the zoo.  The rides at the zoo are free.  FREE!



“Mary!  Look at Katie (the photographer)”

“I can’t believe you’re making me ride with the little kids.”

Nothing to see here.
bumper boats

Somebody barely made the height cut off

As in: was just barely SHORT enough to go on

The last hurrah of childhood
One of George’s rides

She’s getting so big

This was as exciting as this ride got
hanging with the bats

trying not to fall…

log flume

yes.  victorious conquering of the wild log flume.

splash zone

Did I mention we were at the zoo and not an amusement park?

George’s other ride.  I had to beg someone to take my picture.

We ALSO went to the aquarium.  Yes, three field trips in one month.  I was a rock star homeschool mom that month.

Actually, I was a cheapskate/thrifty homeschool mom that month.  In the Tampa area, they have a thing called “Swaptember” where if you have a membership to one of those three places, you can go to the other two for free during the month of September.  We went to the science museum the first week of September…and then crammed in those last two in the last week of September.  Had to get my money’s worth.

Best thing: since I bought my membership in September, it is good through the end of the following September, so we can do it again next year without spending a dime!

My girls

This post brought to you by the end of Daylight Savings Time which has all my little ones going to sleep at a reasonable hour.  For tonight at least.

6 thoughts on “September Catch-Up

  1. Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh has a lot of the same exhibits. My kids (even the biggest one) had a lot of fun there last winter.

  2. We went to all those Tampa places a few years ago when Jim was there in TDY from deployment. LOVED them all. So fun!

  3. WOW! I've been to that zoo a few years ago and the rides were *not* free. You scored. I highly, highly recommend getting down south of you to Mote Marin Aquarium in Sarasota. Absolutely the most interesting place of its kind in Florida, more teachable than the aquarium in Tampa (although with not the fun water park attached). We also went to a really amazing homeschool day there with classes, etc. I am pretty sure that was an annual thing.

  4. Thanks, Rebekah! I've bookmarked that aquarium and will definitely check it out soon. The Tampa Aquarium was unexciting, but we've seen so many aquariums, and zoos, and parks, that only things like free rides make an impression any more!

  5. My kids all think that Tampa has a WAY better aquarium than NJ's aquarium in Camden.

  6. Really, Barb? It's been years, but I thought the Camden one was better. I liked their big observation tank better. The aquarium I have liked best, though is the Atlanta one.

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