Flannel in Florida

Yesterday, it was HOT.  Just like today is hot, and the upcoming forecast is all hot, and last week was hot and it’s been hot the entire time we’ve lived here.  Go figure…it’s Tampa.  It’s hot.  I get it.  You know it’s fall because it’s just a little less hot than it was last month, and the nighttime temperatures, on rare occasions, dip below 70 degrees.


Peter has his first soccer game on Saturday, and he does not have soccer shorts.  The team doesn’t provide them (that’s fine), and he isn’t restricted to a particular color or style.  Just comfortable shorts.  He’s been practicing in his regular shorts which are mostly heavier cotton, many with zippers and pockets.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough and went to Walmart to buy him some athletic shorts: elastic waist, nylon.  So the kid wouldn’t be quite so HOT in this HOT weather.

There were no nylon shorts available.

The only shorts that were available were denim or khaki (school uniform).  And there weren’t that many of them.

When Bill came home from work, I asked him, “Was it HOT today?  Do you know what they were selling at Walmart?”

“Flannel shirts?” He guessed, but he was joking.

“YES!” I said.  And long sleeved shirts, and long pants and fleece vests.  I couldn’t even find any clearance racks with shorts or other summer weight things.

My kid are still using the pool daily.  The unheated pool.

I finally looked in the girls’ section and found 3 pairs of boys shorts that looked like they were waiting for a clerk to find a home for them.  One was size 4, one looked like it was the bottom half of a pajama set, and the last one was size 8.  It might fit Peter, but I’ll likely have to stitch the waist to make it smaller.


6 thoughts on “Flannel in Florida

  1. I have a pair or 2 here that are getting too short for Little Brother. Email me if you'd like them for Peter (it would give me a good excuse to move them on out of here!)

  2. I have some that are too small for Jamie that I could send you. I have an ENTIRE bag of outgrown soccer uniforms sitting in the kitchen waiting for goodwill. email me and I'll throw a couple in the mail. And I hate that about the stores changing out for the seasons. While I love fall clothing, I do not love it when it's 80 outside.

  3. At least it's not snowing. 🙂

    It's interesting to see fireplaces going in Florida when it's 60 degrees and then seeing people from Alaska washing their cars in short sleeves when it's 30 degrees out.

  4. We were in the Tampa area on vacation in March of 2010. It wasn't warm enough to swim, although the older boys braved playing in the ocean for a bit just to say they did. We were wearing jeans and t-shirts because the weather was in the 70s and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items and ran into some of the locals wearing winter coats! Heavy, winter coats in 70 degree weather?! Unreal.

    Glad to hear it is still warm there in September because we were planning another vacation there for next year and we're trying to decide between the spring or fall months. I realize it's hurricane season now, but the warmer weather would be a plus.

  5. Amy, when we went to Orland in late January 2011, it was cool – 60's maybe for the high temp. I saw people wearing winter coats…and flip flops. I also saw people wearing tanks tops and Uggs.

    My neighbors tell me that they used the pool well into October. The Gulf is still warm. I wouldn't worry too much about hurricanes. Spring is nice too. It can be quite hot in March and April, but the Gulf may not be warmed up yet.

  6. I hear ya. Same story in Texas. Of course, not quite as hot, and we did have a cool spell last week. Now the weather is just being plain mean, looking like it's cold out with clouds and winds, and when you step outside, it's still hot. =l

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