Meet Sarah Reinhard

Do you know Sarah Reinhard, the Snoring Scholar, who (used to) live on a farm in Ohio?

For years, I would tell my husband about her using this full moniker: Sarah (the Snoring Scholar who lives on a farm in Ohio) wrote this or Sarah (the Snoring Scholar who lives on a farm in Ohio) wrote that or Sarah (the Snoring Scholar who lives on a farm in Ohio) doesn’t mind if we stop by on our move out to Kansas to meet her in person, can we? can we? can we?

We did.  That was back in 2007.  Eons ago in the blogging world.

Anyway.  Sarah (the Snoring Scholar who lives… you know) started writing books.  I’ve reviewed some of them, and I would link to those reviews except the search button on my blog isn’t working for reasons that can only be ascribed to Murphy or Satan (perhaps later, I will add those links).  I’ll be reviewing another book tomorrow, which is only a few hours from now, so you may be reading them back to back.  But I thought I would introduce you to her first, just in case you haven’t had the pleasure.

She doesn’t live on a farm in Ohio anymore.  She moved far far away…or maybe just across the street. 

I sent Sarah some interview questions.  I’m not sure if they reveal more about her in her answers or me in my questions.  I had thought I’d put them all together neat like in paragraph form…riiiiight.  I had my Oktoberfest party this weekend, and I do have that newborn time drain.  So, I’m submitting her answers as given.  I’m leaving my questions in their random sequence as I gave them to her.  She actually neatened them up and probably corrected my grammar and spelling mistakes, since I was pecking them out on the Kindle while nursing the baby.

Enjoy them while I type up her book review.  Oh, there are freebies involved: a Nook to win, plus a copy of her book.  So be sure to check out that post.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I have given up trying to answer that. I seem to inspire only laughter in the Future Me when I do…  That said, I think there might be some writing involved… 🙂

In heaven, which saint would you most like to have as a neighbor and why?
I’d say Mama Mary. First, she’s probably already hanging out with everyone I want to meet. Second, because I have a whole line of conversation I want to have with her, and I imagine it will take all of eternity to exhaust my questions. (Yeah, as if I’m going to remember them when we’re in heaven, face-to-face with God in his glory. But let’s play along, shall we?)

Do you miss the old farm house?
The idea of it, yes. The reality of it, NO. NOT AT ALL. In fact, after over a year, I’m still walking around marveling at the wonders of insulation and central heating (and air conditioning).

Do you use the dishwasher at the new house?

Other than reading, if you suddenly found an hour of free time at your home, alone, what would you do?   
Sleep. After I caught up with all my Scramble with Friends games, that is.

What if you had 3 hours?
Sleep longer. And then sneak away to break the rules and read. 🙂

What is your favorite prayer?
The Hail Mary.

Where would you go on a dream vacation?
As long as my husband was with me, it wouldn’t matter. We’ve talked about Hawaii and I have a whole list of Marian sites I want to visit internationally (including Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, and about 20 others), and of course there’s Rome. But, really, if I had him with me, the “where” wouldn’t matter.

By what name or nickname does your husband call you?

If you were going to be shot by a firing squad, would you want the blindfold? The cigarette?  
I don’t know, honestly. I have thought about it for a few days since you sent these questions and I am sending my answers and…it’s beyond my realm of reasoning.

What would your last meal be?
Pizza. And ice cream. And coffee.

Are you into the zombie or vampire slayer genres?  I tried to read the take off on Jane Eyre but just couldn’t get into it.
I don’t consider myself “into” them, but I have enjoyed a number of zombie books lately. They have been by Karina Fabian, mostly, and things Julie Davis from Happy Catholic has recommended. What I find is that when the zombie genre is merely the vehicle for delivering a message I enjoy in a way that’s delightful (however morbidly), then I’m okay with it. Good writing is good writing, most of the time, anyway.

Favorite junk reading/guilty pleasure?

Novels. Though I feel no guilt. 🙂

Which mystery of the rosary is your favorite and why? 
The Annunciation. When I signed up long ago to be part of an ongoing rosary, where every person agrees to pray one decade a day, I was assigned the Annunciation. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on it, examining it from all sorts of angles. The lessons in Mary’s Yes are too many for me to ever fully “get,” so it’s something I’m always reflecting upon and trying to live more fully.

Which name for Mary is your favorite and why?
Our Lady of Guadalupe. She’s pregnant and I’ve always had a “thing” for pregnant women. She spoke so tenderly to Juan Diego, and he spoke to her in a diminutive form that indicated his own love for her. It’s like when Jesus calls God “Abba,” which means “Daddy.” Calling Mary “Mommy” seems accurate in Our Lady of Guadalupe. And she’s pretty. She’s my homegirl and the Mary I turn to more than anything.

That said, I have about 10 other Marian names and nicknames and titles I love dearly. More than anything, though, I call her Mama Mary.

3 thoughts on “Meet Sarah Reinhard

  1. I still live on a farm. Or across the street from a farm. We still own the farm.

    And why did I just spend three sentences clarifying that little point when what I really need to say is THANK YOU?

    What's that tell you about ME?

    Thanks, Michelle my friend! 🙂

  2. You're welcome. Since I haven't been out to see your current home, I am trying to imagine “across the street” and I don't recall what is there. I also know in rural America, “across the street” doesn't mean the same thing as it does in suburbia. Your current home just might be 3 miles away…but on the same road…on the other side…

  3. What is your favorite prayer?

    The Glory Be: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

    It's so much my favorite that I just had to write it out!

    Thanks for this opportunity! God bless you, Michelle.

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