Undivided Attention





“What does ‘mmmmm’ mean?” asked the 4 year old.

Technically, it means, “I am reading an article on the computer.”  But instead of saying that, I said, “It means, ‘What do you want, Mary?'”  Then I deliberately turned from the computer to face her.

I’m trying to model respect and courtesy.  Trying to give real people the attention they deserve.  These distractions aren’t going away, and will only get worse in time.  I think I need to establish a media-free period of time every day…

6 thoughts on “Undivided Attention

  1. I need to do that too, but with equal “don't interrupt me” time. Just kidding. Sort of. Once you have kids that stay uP as late as you do, there is no moment in the day, except asleep, when someone is not in your face about something. Yesterday I banned all questions about meals. In a 30 minute period every single child asked “what's for dinner?” and “what's in it?” urg.

  2. Barbara, I totally agree that there should be “don't interrupt me” time, but right now I cant feel justified in enforcing that if I don't give them my attention some of the time (outside school hours). I do try to claim that time after 8 pm and/or bedtime prayers. They may still be awake, but I tell them I am off duty. It's the morning and the afternoon times where I need to find a good balance.

  3. That is why my parent's & my generations insisted on naps and/or reading time for an hour after lunch.

  4. Sorry…I don't usually share my really funny stories in someone else's combox but I can't resist this one. This is when my oldest (then 2 years old) was trying to get my attention and I was trying to teach the same thing. Mom, Mommy, Mamma, Shelly, Michelle, Lady, WOMAN!

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