New photos

 I downloaded some photos.

Katie’s 11th birthday.
All the kids, some with red eye.  I don’t know how that happened.
Bill had a birthday, too.

Mary is upset because her birthday is LAST.  Billy’s is in February…and then we go through everybody, but she is last.  She does not at all understand that we all get them annually.  She thinks we’re just being mean and making her wait the longest.  It’s not fair, I hear, all the time.  She knew that Katie was first, and then Jenny and then it was her turn.  When we threw Daddy’s birthday in there, it was like we were letting him cut in line.

Capturing special moments.

 Fritz has some rash, mainly on his legs.  Definitely an allergic reaction to something.  Of course, this appears in the late afternoon on a Friday before a holiday weekend.  We called the doctor on call who was not particularly helpful…really, what can you do over the phone?  Take benedryl and call me next week if it hasn’t gotten better.  Bill went to the store and could not find liquid benedryl.  Fritz has been unable to swallow pills, which makes life difficult when you are adult in size, and need medicine.  He had a delayed gag reflex as a tot, too.  We convinced him to try – again – to swallow a pill since they were small and gel capsule-types.  He did it!  I fussed and told him how proud I was and tried to get a picture to always remember this special day.  But these teens are always so camera shy…

Mary fell asleep reading the newspaper.

How I found her.

What was underneath.

I got some shots to update my sidebar.  I have to add George, as Jennie pointed out, so I may as well fix them all.


Not so.

This kid needs a haircut, badly.

Formal portraits mean no smiling, apparently.
Biggest brother.

Littlest brother.



You just want to eat him up.
Hair still wet from swimming.

5 minutes later – dry hair and an unexplainable cut on her lip.  Lovely.
This is how I look half the time – “Child, do you know what you are doing?”

Nice, but take one more for good measure.

Last one by Billy.

Katie’s shot.  I got new glasses.

 Perhaps, soon, I will update that sidebar!  And fix the header.  And write the birth story…

5 thoughts on “New photos

  1. Love the pictures! Thank you for including lots of pictures of your little cutie 🙂 And the sleeping under the newspaper series was priceless! I think you should get a double frame for the 2 of those.

  2. Your hair is getting so long! We went to a very small church in Thompson, Georgia this weekend while we were at my Dad's lake house and I SWEAR there was a kid serving on the altar that was a clone of a younger Fritz. Down to the crew cut and everything. Funny.

  3. Great series of photos! Apparently if I read you blog post in google reader shortly before heading off to bed, it sticks around in my mind. Last night I dreamed that you'd decided to let us parent George five days a week. When our turn was done, we'd pop him back into the computer and send him to you (yes, really – who knew technology had advanced so far?). You'll be delighted to know your son was adorable and behaved perfectly. Clearly, waiting to adopt our own babies in a few weeks is affecting the way I view the world in really bizarre ways :-).

  4. Sarah, I'm sure many family members wish we could just pop the kids via the computer too. Saw your adoption post…praying all goes smoothly. very exciting!!

  5. I can't believe that Mary is that big! So adorable!
    Your hair is gorgeous, I had no idea it had gotten that long!

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