Madagascar Moment

My husband told me he had to go TDY (out of town on Army business) for 45 days.  I took it like a cheerful, yet resigned, Army wife.

Later, he realized the miscommunication and told me it was only 4 to 5 days, not forty-five days.

Imagine my elation.

Keep in mind, if I had heard 4 to 5 days originally, I would have been just as cheerful, yet resigned.  Now I am simply cheerful.

3 thoughts on “Madagascar Moment

  1. Excellent miscommunication! Much better than misunderstanding the other way!

  2. I was laughing! As a good army wife, I can see why you would mistake “4 or 5” for “45”. Because it's entirely (and all to frequently) possible.

  3. Whohooooo! Congrats on the reduction 😉

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