Computers, booze and football

On my new header: {sigh}  Too wide.  And I don’t have time to fix it.  But at least we’ve gotten away from hot crossed buns.

Bill and I went to the Class VI and found they have a “clearance” aisle.  We “needed” a bottle of rum, having finished our other bottle.  There was no rum on the clearance racks.  There was a wide selection of wine, so I picked out a few.  Then Bill made a lady who worked there laugh out loud when he said, “Oh!  We’re gonna need a cart!”  They had two bottles of Himbeer Liqueur, which we also happened to be out of, also on sale.  We took them both.  Good stuff.  We usually go through 1/2 to one full bottle per Oktoberfest.

On our Oktoberfest: I was worried about the parking situation in our new neighborhood, since we had not EVER seen a car parked on the street.  But last weekend, somebody had a cookout and lots of extra cars.  I am relieved.  Now we just have to pick a date.  This will be our 8th annual one.

Billy was absolutely convinced that the NFL season started TODAY.  Even the schedule at ESPN did not do enough to calm him down when he could not find any games on TV.

If it’s not football, it’s Civilization V on my computer.  But I have bills to pay and weekly school lists to print (and blog posts to write), so I told all my nagging boys that they could not go on the computer until I was done.  But I wasn’t on the computer, I was holding the baby.  They protested, but I said it was very difficult to type on the computer while holding the baby, so they would have to wait until he napped.  Suddenly, the boy who is quick to hand the baby to mom at the first whimper is all about holding the baby no matter what.  Just get your work done, Mom.

On fantasy football: Two years ago, Bill created a fantasy football league for our family.  He called it the Hanseatic League, because he’s a dork like that, and teams include cities like Riga and Dortmund.  There are ten teams this year.  Three belong to extended family adults.  Last year, two teams were friends of the boys, but they dropped out this year.  This is fine because Katie and Jenny wanted to play for some reason.  So now alongside the Koblenz Krushers and the Danzig Defenders, we have the Pomerania Pink Puppies and the Saxon Purple Ponies.  I really don’t think football was supposed to be that estrogen-laden.

My poor husband, though, was lamenting that 7 of the 10 teams are in our immediate family.  He’s the one who does most of the managing, and referred to the project as “Bill’s fantasy football league.”  Billy has much more time on his hands, and is way more interested in following the sport, so I think Bill needs to show him how to do it.  Of course, that’s one more thing to do on my computer.

OK, enough fun for the day.  Back to paying the bills so that I can get off the internet.


2 thoughts on “Computers, booze and football

  1. Somehow I find the prospect of the Marienburg Knights being defeated badly by the Pomerania Pink Puppies downright frightening.

    Dad R.

  2. In addition to that terrible header photo, your sidebar says you only have SIX squeezlings. I think you've miscounted. 🙂

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