Miles Christi Sum

Crazy-busy week, this.  Fritz is being confirmed on Thursday, so some planning for guests and their care and feeding and coordinating with the church, etc to do.  It’s a low-key event, but still.

I try very hard not to read the comments at most “news” articles.  It’s one thing to get involved in a discussion on a blog, even a popular one.  Quite another to listen in at a mainstream article where people seem to enjoy seeing their name in print and will type the most ridiculous and ignorant things.  But regarding the HHS mandate, especially regarding the Army stifling/censoring the free speech of Archbishop Broglio, I’ve been glancing through some of the comments, just to see what the “average Joe” is thinking.  (Note: I can no longer find the article at Fox News I saw, which I find very interesting…)

Heaven help us.  Somehow, my refusing to pay for someone else’s birth control pills is imposing my religious views on others?  I suppose I’ll next be required to pay for their porn magazines?

It’s no longer “live and let live” – a motto which attempts to gag as hate-speech any efforts to point out the negative societal consequences of poor (immoral) choices. 

No, now we need to shut our mouths and open our wallets, too.  Pay tribute at the altar of the false gods, or be fed to the lions.

It’s interesting that this freedom of religion crisis (and it is a crisis) is coming right now, as my oldest is about to be confirmed.  That old Baltimore Catechism instructs that the sacrament makes one a soldier of Christ.  I don’t think the “army” will be a metaphorical one.

13 thoughts on “Miles Christi Sum

  1. Any idea why the Army would try to quash the Church's message?

  2. you mean why the President would issue an edict that wouldn't allow Army Catholics the freedom of speech?

    because he can.

    and so he does.

  3. Archbishop Broglio is the head of the Archdiocese of the Military. As far as I know, all priests employed on military installations are also officers in one of the branches of the service. This Archdiocese is unique in that it services Catholics all over the globe – from soldiers converting and being confirmed in Afghanistan to babies being baptized at Ft Leavenworth, Kansas, as my Mary was, to newly commissioned officers being married at the chapel at West Point. All the branches of the military permitted Catholic priests (uniformed officers) to read his letter at Sunday Masses, except for the Army, which objected, specifically, to the phrase that we “can not – will not – follow this unjust law” or words to that effect. The Army felt that the words could be viewed as seditious. Since no person in the military is required to obey an unjust law or an unlawful order, telling priests that they can not remind their congregation of this fact is not only censorship, but seems to be saying, in reality, that if you serve the Army you ARE required to obey unjust laws or unlawful orders. And THAT, my friends, is truly terrifying.

  4. It is so important now to educate ourselves about what is happening, so that we can educate our children on the fight that they are taking upon their shoulders. Our oldest daughter will be confirmed this May and I was thinking the other day about the great burden that is upon her generation to stand up for what is right and just.

  5. Also, they were told they couldn't read it from the pulpit. They were, however, permitted to say that they had a letter from the Bishop, encourage everyone to read it, and pass it out after Mass when people were leaving. At least that's something.

  6. Chills….
    Praying for the United States and Canada, for there is a great attack on the Holy Church coming.

  7. Watch the way the government uses definitions. They are changing the definition form freedom of religion (In the public square) to freedom of worship (A much more private thing). Also they are saying that the first amendment refers to individuals only, and the association of individuals i.e. the Church does not have the rights.

    Dad R.

  8. The whole thing just has my stomach in knots. The whole world has gone crazy, and our country is quickly following suit.

  9. The action of silencing the Army military chaplains was inappropriate on many levels. I served as a physician in the military, however, it was clear I was a military officer first, doctor second. For chaplains it is different. They are chaplains first, officers second. They serve at the pleasure of their religious superiors. This was Church business so the military should have kept their nose out of it. The Archbishop of the Military has issued a memo to all priests that if they experience any disciplinary action, threat of disciplinary action or other difficulties due to compliance with the Archbishop's directive, they are to contact the Archdiocese of the Military and they will direct them to legal assistance.

  10. “Somehow, my refusing to pay for someone else's birth control pills is imposing my religious views on others? I suppose I'll next be required to pay for their porn magazines?” Amen! So many of the discussions seem to be missing the bigger picture here. If only everyone was as wise and enlightened as you are, Michelle!

  11. Whoa. Just read Kris's article and Michelle's comment. That is way scary.

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