Avoiding "Depends"-ence

So, I have a hundred photos on my camera from the past month, and I’m sure tons of exciting events have happened in my life, but the days are becoming rather blurred.  Instead of flexing any creative muscles or actually downloading pictures, I’ll just give another link:

Pelvic Floor Party: Kegels are NOT Invited

Many thanks for this info to Lina.  I hate kegels anyway.  What to do instead: squats.  Go Crossfit!

Speaking of…check out this inspirational photo from their site.

3 thoughts on “Avoiding "Depends"-ence

  1. So… I read this and because I despise kegels, I promptly did about 10 squats with the glutes I do not have. Thank you,… I think. My body will let you know tomorrow if it is grateful.

  2. can i just tell you i was THRILLED to read this as it justified my complete lack of kegel doing!

    squatting is more doable for me AND its my birth position of choice so it makes sense to practice :-p

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