I Should Have Hired a Babysitter

I realized, belatedly, that, perhaps, three Masses in five days might be a bit too much for a 4 year old, especially when two of those Masses were not quicky daily Masses, but were instead loooong special sacramental Masses.  Especially the one with 43 confirmandi and the bishop who questioned every single kid about his/her confirmation name or asked some other question about the faith (that was Fritz’s confirmation Mass). 

And the 6+ hour drive on Day 4 didn’t help either.  Nor did being in a different time zone – one in which it was much closer to bedtime than dinner time for little children.

Yes, that was my child screaming so loudly in the “baby” room that she nearly drowned out the bishop’s homily.

Fortunately, I didn’t really know it at the time, being in the second pew behind my niece as her sponsor-proxy.  I just kept thinking, “My goodness, that child is loud.”  Apparently, she really wanted to sit with me.


I think I have about 200 pictures on my camera to download.  Some go back to January, and the gingerbread houses that the kids built.  But they will have to wait, still.  This is a make-up week for school, and a clean-the-house day, and a get-the-grading-done-day, and a cook-for-an-event-day, and a pay-the-bills-day.  Not a download photos day.  Or a blogging day.

Did I mention we’re not moving next month?  Oh, no, that seems to be delayed to coincide with my due date.  I keep telling God, “I trust you!  Really!” And then He keeps testing me on that.

6 thoughts on “I Should Have Hired a Babysitter

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  2. Wow! Well at least you didn't have to sit with her in the cry room, and ignorance is indeed bliss!

    The army is mean. The Air Force tends to be more understanding of women's needs. I'm not endorsing that accommodation, mind you. 😉

  3. Oh, wow. No move? Ugh.

  4. Oh goodness!…on both items screaming kid and PCS delay….or cancelation?

  5. Maurisa, the Army isn't trying to be mean…they're just not taking all factors into consideration. Lots of factors, and all of them conspiring against me!

    Susanna, we're still heading to Tampa, and I'm sure they're ticked at the delay. There's just a lot of hoop jumping that's going on and multiple people involved. And some people trying to be calendar-magicians and squeezing 90 day deployment rotations (not Bill's!!) into less than 90 day windows.

  6. I'm a tad late posting – but CONGRATULATIONS on your special little baby! I'm so happy for you! I had to do some catching up and had a good bawl session when I read the news. More little souls equal more blessings in this world! God bless!

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