Reverse Junk Mail

Today in the mail, I received a request for donations to an organization for whose destruction I pray every day.  As tempting as it was to rip it in half and toss in the the recycling bucket, I opened it instead and found a postage paid return envelope.

I am a bit gleeful.

You see, if that envelope is used, they have to pay for the postage.  It’s a reduced bulk rate, but it’s money nonetheless.  Now, if I sent in a donation, that gift would easily cover the cost.

But if I return it empty…or better yet, filled with prayer cards…it costs them a tiny bit.  But if you do it, too, it costs a bit more.  So watch that junk mail carefully, folks.  Let your least favorite “non-profits” know how you feel about them.

6 thoughts on “Reverse Junk Mail

  1. Brilliant – I love it.

  2. I do that, too. 🙂 I haven't received any correspondence from them in years, though.

  3. Jennie, I suspect that after they get my mail, I'll be on their do-not-contact list myself.

  4. Fab idea!! Totally going to do it!

  5. I like that. That reminds me of Andy Rooney who said he would send his credit card payments with all the junk mail that was included with the bill he received in the mail.

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