Operation Special Delivery

For anyone who doesn’t have a sister who is willing to leave her husband for a month and fly across the country to be with her during a time of need, there is Operation Special Delivery:

Operation Special Delivery (or OSD), provides trained volunteer doulas for pregnant women whose husbands or partners have been severely injured or who have lost their lives due to the current war on terror, or who will be deployed , or unable to attend the birth due to military reasons. The doulas that are volunteering are doing so at a pro bono (free) rate, and are doing so by their own discretion.

Words can not convey how awesome I think this service is.

5 thoughts on “Operation Special Delivery

  1. Now that is what you can do when the kids leave the house.

  2. You're the one with the experience. YOU can do it when the kids leave home.

    Just read that they were started in NJ in 2001….I could have used them for Jenny. But then maybe you wouldn't have been there.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I'm not a military wife, but I know quite a few. While many of them are not likely to have more children, I'm sure they know many who will. I'll make sure they know about this wonderful group.

  4. That is so wonderful!

  5. I used the free doula service when Maggie was born. Tim was actually going through the Suez Canal that evening. My mother came with me to the hospital at the last minute (she left the 2 older kids with her husband), but she wasn't any help. I missed Tim being there though, despite the doula I ended up induced, on oxygen, and had an epidural that didn't kick in until 20 minutes after delivery. So much for that promo “those who use a doula are much less likely to have interventions.” I did appreciate her being there, otherwise I would have been alone- my mom was grossed out and ended up sitting in the corner, refusing to watch.

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