Army Christmas Stockings

Thank you to those who “liked” my new etsy shop on Facebook.  With my one product.  Most of my stockings are sold because of word of mouth. 

It’s that time of year again.  People start doing searches for “Army Christmas stocking” or” ACU Christmas stocking” and my post from 2006 comes up, eventually.  And people send me emails asking if I’m still making them.

Yes.  As a matter of fact, I am

And I took some newer photos, which I will now post.

I have two sizes.  The smaller ones are about 6″ x 11.5″ and the larger ones are about 7″ x 13″.

The small ones are an old style, but the fabric was already cut out.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  They are $15 each.  The larger ones are $23 each if you contact me via email.  They are more via etsy.  It’s the cost of business.

The loop is 550 cord.  The loop will hold 550 lbs.  My stitches will not.  I do quadruple stitch the loop in place, but I wouldn’t bet on the tensile strength.  The 550 cord is a cool touch.  You won’t find other ACU Army Christmas stockings with 550 cord loops.  Just mine.  I do think the quadruple stitching will hold most stockings stuffers, though.

I can make the stockings hang to the right or to the left, although the small ones are already stitched, so you have to accept my limited supplies.  I’m stitching the larger ones this month, and I do not think I will order more fabric this season, so if you have a strong preference, order soon or pray that I have want you want.

There are two pieces of velcro on the stockings.  One is perfect for the name tape and the other is the right size for unit patches.  I do not include name tapes and patches, unless you want REITEMEYER on your stocking.  If you are sending this to a soldier overseas and do not have access to name tapes and unit patches, don’t fret.  Soldiers usually have extras, or they go and get their name in Pashtu to decorate their Army Christmas stocking.

Leave a comment or email me if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Army Christmas Stockings

  1. I am interested in purchasing a stocking, when I click on the email link,nothing comes up, you can email me at

  2. Good Morning, Mrs. Reitemeyer. I Would Like To Purchase A Few Christmas Stockings. Are You Still Making/ Selling Them?

    MY Email Address Is

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