Win/Win or Lose/Lose?

File this one under “What the…??”

Spring baseball is quite enough for me, and I really try hard to keep fall sports light.  Last year, Billy did soccer, which was bad enough, but not the travel team, which would have killed me.  Fritz did “Fall Ball” which was a double header every Sunday afternoon for 6 weeks, but no practices.

This year, Fritz, Billy and Peter are doing flag football through the local Baptist church’s Upward program.  Practices once a week; games on Saturday: same time, same place.  Low speed, and what I need.

This afternoon, I got an email from a man saying when and where practices would be.  It didn’t say for which boy, but under his signature it said 5th – 8th grade.  Cool, I thought.  Both my older boys are on the same team.

This evening, I received a phone call from a man who said he was Billy’s coach.  I missed the call, so Bill called him back.  Practices are at the same time/day as the one in the email, but he only has Billy.  “I’ve got 5th – 8th grade,” he told Bill, who told him both boys were in that age range.  “He must be on the other team,” said the man.  Like their basketball program, which Billy did in the spring because one too many pitches hit him in the side the previous spring, there are only two teams in their age range.  So, the same teams play each other every weekend.

And I’ve got a boy on each team.

Now, who am I supposed to cheer for?

2 thoughts on “Win/Win or Lose/Lose?

  1. Really? They couldn't put them on the same team?? Not like your last name is common or anything…!! At least they play at the same time. I feel your pain.

  2. There's a spot on the form that asks if the child has any other siblings playing…I assumed that they would take that into consideration when forming teams and scheduling practices. I do hope Peter is on Monday as well, but I haven't heard from his coach yet. I will be talking to the coaches on Monday to see if there can't be a switch made.

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