Interminable Summer

It’s always hottest before you get the new air conditioner.

I have a new A/C unit sitting in my backyard waiting for installation.  The guy will come Sunday morning, he says.  Earlier this week, things weren’t too bad.  We had several cloudy days and a few inches of rain.  House temperatures were reasonable.  Yesterday, and today, the heat index was (is expected to be) about 110.  It was 89 upstairs at bedtime last night. 

Next week will be glorious.


Last year, I only sporadically watered the lawn here.  The front has a sprinkler system, so it’s not like it’s a difficult thing to do: turn ON.  Irregular watering led to a less than lush yard.  And I felt like a bad steward.  It was bad enough that the oppressive heat kept me from doing any weeding until the fall.  This summer, I decided I would set the sprinkler system going on a regular 4 day watering cycle and let it be.  The lawn looks very nice right now.  I am a good steward.

And then I got my water bill yesterday, which is billed 6 times a year (every 2 months).  Hm.  I think I’ll be knocking down that watering to twice a week.  Or maybe I’ll just pray for more rain.


Of course, if it rains, then I can’t hang my clothes outside to dry.  And my electric bill will be higher.

But it’ll be lower, because the A/C won’t have to work as hard?

I think I just want it to be October already.

4 thoughts on “Interminable Summer

  1. We've been cooking on the porch or on the grill and we've been drying all our clothes on the line, so we ended up not having to turn on our A/C till just a couple of weeks ago, mid-July when the temperatures shot up to 98 with a heat index of 143. Still cooking outside and still drying laundry outside, but that air conditioner sure is humming along. Dreading this month's electric bill. The minute it cools down a little, I'll be turning that thing off and opening the windows.

    But Kentucky is not Georgia. If it helps any, I recall it cooling down toward the end of September, so maybe you won't have to wait all the way till October. 🙂

  2. Amen. I sweat when the temp goes above 75 so I'm praying right along with you. I know we probably say this every summer, but I just don't remember it being quite this hot before. Of course my environmentally educated son wants to remind me of weather extremes due to a warmer earth and I don't really want to know.

  3. Came home from a weekend in NYC to a broken upstairs thermostat. Thankfully our heating and air people have an on call guy. It's fixed, but late bedtime for the kiddos until it cools off up there. not much you can do when it's 98 outside….!

  4. We went over the bills last night…I managed to wrangle the husband to the table this month. And he horned in on the electric bill. I think the cost is worth my comfort (I don't have an AC office to hang out in all day), so it looks like I'll be trying to line dry a bit more, and perhaps the dh will be more eager to help keep unnecessary lights off now.

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