Celebrating Babies

I have written so many blog posts in my head that when I come here and see that it’s been nearly a week since posting, I don’t really know how that happened.

We started school this week, so that explains quite a lot.


Back in June, one of my family’s favorite families welcomed another child into the world.  I was hoping that this would be their 3rd girl, but instead they had their 6th boy.  My girls and I were disappointed, but the boys thought this was just grand.  They roared their approval.  I think adding a bit more estrogen to the household might have been nice, but boys are wonderful, too.

You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.

And baby Dominic is a cutie pie, just like his big brothers.  No need to be disappointed about him at all.


Last week, I informed the kids that another of our favorite families was imminently expecting another child.  Although at one point we all lived in the same vicinity, we are now in three different states.  I keep in touch, but the kids only get bits of news and don’t get to watch the weekly and monthly progress of a pregnancy.  One day, mom says Mrs. P. is expecting, and then many, many months later, mom says she’s having a baby.  In their mind, Mrs. P. just had a baby, because the last time they saw her, her baby was barely crawling.

I’m the same way.  If people didn’t post pictures of their families on blogs or FB, they would never grow up in my mind.  What?  Susie’s getting married?  But she’s just fifteen!!  No, she was fifteen 10 years ago.

The kids wanted to know if Mrs. P. was having a boy or a girl.  I told them we would have to wait to find out.  The boys said they hoped for a boy.  “But Mrs. P. already has four boys,” I argued.  “Don’t you think Eva should get to have a sister?”  The girls, of course, agreed wholeheartedly, but the boys seemed unsympathetic to poor Eva being the lone daughter.

After a bit of a pause, one child voiced what seemed to be children’s collective thought:

How come everybody is having babies except us?

It was, fortunately, a rhetorical question, and nobody truly expected an answer.  Or perhaps they just knew what I would say: you get what you get.  Fits will not be tolerated.

But it is interesting to note that none of my children seem to think having another sibling would be a bad thing.  There is still room for more, apparently.  

“The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling.”  Pope John Paul II

 I guess my kids would agree with him.


Mrs. P. had her baby early yesterday morning.  I was still fuzzy-brained when I saw her email announcement.

“She had another girl,” I told Bill flatly.

“She had a girl!” said Bill, who had already had some coffee and could think more clearly than I.

“Oh, yes!!  She had another girl!!” I said.

The boys received the news demurely.  The girls smiled happily.  No roaring.  Girls don’t roar.


The local Army post is having a baby boom since many soldiers returned from deployment about 9 months ago.  Babies happen.  It’s a wonderful thing.

I don’t know what they do when boys are born, but whenever a baby girl makes her debut in the maternity ward, the hospital pipes the Stevie Wonder song “Isn’t She Lovely?” through the entire hospital so everyone knows the good news.

I love it.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating Babies

  1. I love the hospital baby music, too. And babies. No more are forthcoming here, either. You get what you get. And we've gotten pretty good.

  2. They play music at the hospitals, lol! That's kind of cute. I guess they could play Bad to the Bone for boys…or that song by John McCarthy with the line “beautiful, beautiful boy…” I have no idea what it's called…maybe I'm just making it up.

  3. My kids keep asking too. My youngest for the past three years has asked for triplet boy babies and one baby girl during our nightly prayers. From her lips to God's ears. Considering my baby is six…

  4. barb – mwah

    Jennie – no complaints…we've gotten real good too.

    AK – John Lennon, Beautiful Boy. That would be a nice tune to play.

    KC – my kids have only asked for twins! There is a woman at my church with 4 boys (quads)…they are about 5 yo now. Quite the handful. Can't imagine…

  5. When I saw the post title I got excited for a moment that you were making an announcement..!! 🙂 Mine always ask for another baby. I love that about my kids. Instead, we just love up on my best friend's two year old……

  6. I love that your kids want more siblings too. It's a beautiful thing. xoxoxo

  7. Yes! John Lennon! I was only three when it came out. So my beatles knowledge is not so good ;). But dh just looked it up for me and corrected my gaff. Though Paul was quoted as saying the song was his favorite Lennon only song. I've had that song stuck in my head all day!

  8. Eva is just glowing, eight days later. It's going to take a while for this “non-roar” to wear off! 🙂

    On the way home from Mass today the kids were having a discussion on how many more boys vs. how many more girls. Jacob thinks we should have four more boys and zero more girls. Totals would then be: children (10) boys (8) girls (2). Eva said we just need two more girls. Period. Even Stephen. I'm thinking to myself, can I get to one month post-partum before we start thinking about the NEXT baby??? Please…

    Baby girl is a joy. She is SO easy. God knew I needed a break. I suppose we could have played our own baby music at home! DUH. Wish I had thought of it. Maybe we could incorporate that into birthdays??

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