Goodbyes, Hellos, and growing up

I said goodbye to two friends yesterday.  That was rough.  I think it would have been kinder if they would have staggered their leaving by at least a week, but I guess the Army didn’t take me into consideration when planning their moves.

I got to spend a lot of time with this little guy.

He wasn’t interested in smiling for the camera.
He loved to kiss and hug/bite Mary.

He also loved to sit on my lap.

Mary was not interested in sharing my lap.

Yesterday was also Peter’s birthday.  Bill was gone all week, and I didn’t think he’d be home in time to celebrate, so we had cake last weekend.

I did not make this cake.

He loved it.

I told myself to get a picture BEFORE somebody dropped a nectarine on it.  Too late.

The birthday serenade.

Even though we had cake last week, we still had to do something on his actual birthday.  So we went out for ice cream, and met another military family new to the area.  Because that’s the way this military life works.

For every goodbye, there seems to be another hello.

While chatting with this new family, the conversation turned to Scouts.  I asked what rank the older boy was, and since the mom couldn’t exactly remember, I turned to Fritz (who was hovering) and told him to go introduce himself to the boy, Scout to Scout.  As he got up immediately, shook hands, and started talking, I had yet another heart-touching moment where I realized that this boy is quickly becoming a man.  Long-gone is the 7 yo whom I sent on the playground accompanied by his gregarious younger brother to meet the neighborhood kids.  No, this young man can introduce himself all on his own.

{sigh}  I’m so happy for the maturity.  I just wish it wasn’t so bittersweet.

2 thoughts on “Goodbyes, Hellos, and growing up

  1. Great looking cake! You always do a nice job on them.

  2. Life summed up in these photos, it seems. You look terrific, and young. Lovely!

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