Serious Dining

Mary wasn’t hungry at dinner, so she asked if she could play Duck, Duck, Goose. 

“Sure,” I said, “just don’t expect anybody to chase you.”

“OK, Mommy,” she said.  She reached up high to touch my head.  “Duck.”  When I didn’t say anything, she siad, “Mom!  You’re supposed to quack.”

“Quack,” I said.

Fritz and Billy weren’t here for dinner, so she passed some empty seats.  After that, she didn’t just say, “Duck,” she said, “Princess Duck.”

After circling the table a few times, she reached Katie.  “Evil Duck,” she said.

Katie quacked an evil quack.  Then we all got to practice evil quacking.

She got back to me.  “Ugly Duck.”

I made a sad face and quacked a mournful quack.  She felt bad and apologized.

Then she changed her titles with each person.  “King Duck,” “Mother Duck,” “Knight Duck,” “Silly Duck,” and on and on.  I think she went round the table 20 times before she finally said “Goose!” on Jenny’s head.  It was so unexpected that Jenny was slow to respond.  The dog chased Mary first and effectively cut off Jenny from catching her.  Mary safely reached Billy’s seat and decided that was good enough.

I was finished eating, so I didn’t stick around for Round Two.

One thought on “Serious Dining

  1. That's great! Duck, Duck, Goose meets Calvinball.

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