The trouble with enunciation or lack thereof

I have Vonage, an online service, for my home phone hookup.  It works fine.  There are some minor disadvantages with the service, but the positive aspects tend to outweigh them.  One advantage is that Vonage has a voice mail service, and they will transcribe your messages and send them to your email.  I rarely listen to my voice mail.  I can see on my computer who called, when they called, and what they wanted.

One disadvantage is that the transcription service is only so good.  My girlfriend and I were planning a trip to the beach, and she left a message asking me if I thought her “coffee” would fit in my van.  At least that’s what Vonage said she said.  The funny thing was that it was just possible enough that this girlfriend would ask such a thing.  She actually asked if her carseats would fit in my van.

Because Fritz’s ballgame was postponed due to rain last night, my sister and I decided to go see a movie.  We left before Bill was home, and while our children ran amok, somebody called and left a message.  When we returned home at 9:45, my husband was on my computer.  I leaned over him and checked my email and read this incriminating message:

“Hey Michelle, Zach Kevin with the Douglas that he gonna stop by the bar around 930 or so if that works I’ll see you then. If not just call me 7XX-4XXX bye” 


“Guess it didn’t go so well if you’re home already,” said my husband, placidly.

My sister’s comment: “Good thing we didn’t go to the 10 o’clock showing.”

This was a message from the exterminator saying he’d be here this morning for our monthly spraying.

2 thoughts on “The trouble with enunciation or lack thereof

  1. Hilarious.

    A couple years back, a coworker wrote a message explaining that another coworker wouldn't be around to help on a project because she'd be on PTO (Paid Time Off, i.e., vacation). Problem is, he got his letters mixed up, and instead typed “She will be on POT and unable to help.” Better still? The message was to our boss.

    Communication is a hazardous thing. Dates, drug-use accusations… Maybe a vow of silence is the best bet.

  2. We have Vonage and the transcription is often good for a laugh. One time the whole thing went into Spanish for no reason I could figure out.

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