The storm before the calm

While I will admit that I did have my fingers crossed in the hope that my son’s baseball team wouldn’t be able to turn around the one-run deficit they had in the sudden death tournament game last Thursday night, I was just kidding.  And I was very happy that they did pull off a win.  It only meant one more game.  Tonight.

And the skies just opened and the thunder is rolling.


I fear the season will never end.


This week is a crazy one.  My sister is here.  She watched the kids this past weekend so Bill and I could spend 2 days and one night somewhere else.  Somewhere where there were no children calling to us.  We just went into Savannah.  It was lovely.

It was hot.  If you travel to Savannah, there are some rules for beating the heat. 

* Wear skimpy clothing.  If you wear a polo shirt, they will think you are a tourist.
* Walk slooooowly.  If your speed can be registered by a radar device, you are obviously a tourist or a transplant.  Think 1 block a quarter hour.
* Savannah has lovely city squares with old trees and plenty of shade.  Sit down and rest. 
* It’s too hot to go out during daylight hours.  Sleep late and go out late.  Some places don’t even open before 7 pm, and the downtown area is hopping at midnight. 
* Get a to-go cup of your favorite drink so you can stay cool between stops.


More family is heading this way on Wednesday and Thursday.  Jenny is making her First Holy Communion on Friday.

My sister and I have the same conversations every time she comes: “We have to go here,” and “Why don’t we do this,” and “We still haven’t been to that place.”  So much to do, so little time. 

I still have 2 boys with assignments hanging over their heads.  And I want them done, because next week is Scout summer camp.  Both older boys will be gone.  My parents are taking the older girls to their house for the week.  Sunday afternoon will be very quiet here with just Bill, me, my brother and Peter and Mary. 

I can’t wait.

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