Mary’s World

Yesterday at the pool, I worked hard to convince Mary that her flotation device really would keep her afloat without holding on to me or the side of the pool.  I finally resorted to deceptive tactics and would move close enough to the side of the pool to convince her to jump in and then would quickly back up so that she landed in the water and not on me.  Then I faced her to the side of the pool and had her reach and kick to get there, first from one arm’s reach away and then gradually to 4 or 5 feet away.  Once she got it, she no longer needed me and would jump and swim all on her own. 

She was so happy with herself, that she shouted, “I am AMAZING!”


In typical preschooler fashion, Mary asked for a drink and then insisted, “I DO IT!  I DO IT!”

I assisted, but let her do it.  As she screwed on the lid to her cup, she muttered, “How come I always have to do everything?”


I have found the Velveteen Rabbit.  He lives in my neighborhood and yard.  So far, he has stayed in the front and eaten the grass.  Katie wanted to feed him a carrot, but I was afraid he would then sniff out the ones growing in the backyard.  This bunny is obviously not a native to the wilderness, but he has obviously been living outdoors for some time.  I’m not sure if he was lost or abandoned.

Mary wants to adopt him.  Of course.

“But Greta would bark at him,” she said as she cried her crocodile tears.

Possibly Greta would eat the bunny.  I’m not sure, though.  The dog’s hunting instincts are pretty strong when there is a cat or a squirrel around.  With Velvet, though, she just shows curiosity.

Eating a leaf in the neighbor’s flower garden.

Yes, I’ve named the rabbit.  And we can keep it as a pet as long as it stays outside, in the front, and we don’t feed it.

7 thoughts on “Mary’s World

  1. She is a funny, funny girl 🙂

  2. Mary is funny. She's going to be an, um, interesting teen!

    We had a rabbit and they poop a lot. Just tell Mary she would have to shovel the poop every day. Yes, shovel.

  3. That's too funny!

    Also think your comment, “…we can keep it as a pet as long as it stays outside, in the front, and we don't feed it.” is great too.

  4. Its kind of amazing that that bunny is doing ok in the “wild.” Usually domestic bunnies don't do so well. If you want to get the rabbit away from your place, you might want to check this article out:
    I'm the proud owner of 4 pet rabbits and I would hate to see one suffer (or any pet).

  5. That's a beautiful rabbit you've got there! Although you don't feed it or let it in, it sounds like you might have started to cause it to become real…;-)

  6. How come I always have to do everything?


    The makings of another Little Boo!

    Thanks for the chuckle….

  7. My SIL had a bunny escape captivity and would be sighted from time to time in and out of the neighbor's yard…she also had another bunny who was viciously “loved” to death by the family dog. I've had many bunnies and the non-angora ones always take to grazing outside well enough that I'm certain they could have easily slipped off into the wild and not starved to death. They might get eaten, but starve to death, not possible. Rabbit poop is fantastic for the garden! His life in the wild might be short, but he's Living!

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