Billy is now a Boy Scout.

Bill didn’t get out of work on time, and I was worried he would miss the ceremony.  Sometimes it’s a good thing when people don’t get started on time.  He came in and sat next to me.  The Scoutmaster, who had just been about to begin, noticed him and said, “Oh, NOW we can start…now we have an excuse…”

I’m just glad he made it.

The Boy Scout troop set up a rope bridge for the new Scouts to cross.  They chose Billy to go first.  Billy is afraid of heights.

It was pretty wobbly.

But the Scouts, including Fritz, stood ready to help if needed.
He did fine; he didn’t fall.

Getting his new neckerchief.

New Scout, proud Dad.

It’s a bit emotional to see your child leave one stage of his life and begin another.  I think it was easier with Billy than with Fritz, my first.  I suspect it will be hardest with my youngest children.

5 thoughts on “Crossover

  1. Very neat! Congratulations!

  2. That is great. From now on we will have to call him Bill. He is too grown up to call Billy. (Mothers are always exempt from this rule). My mother called me Tommy until after I married.

  3. Congrats! I definitely tears up at my son's cross over too, and he didn't have anything like that rope bridge to cross!

  4. Congratulations to you & Bill and to your new Boy Scout! Hope he makes it all the way to Eagle.

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