Humble Cake

My yellow food dye turned out rather…orange-y.

Oh, the humiliation.  What will my husband say when he sees it?  I am confident he will be chuckling at me for…ever.

And Mary would like you to know that food dye tastes yucky.

Just in case you were ever tempted to eat some.

2 thoughts on “Humble Cake

  1. Ah, I made the same mistake that Mary did a few years ago. At least she learned it at a young age and not as an adult. It was my Buddy the Elf moment where I decided to just lick the excess dye off the butter knife.

  2. I think the yellow doesn't look so bad. Green Bay Gold isn't really yellow. It does have an orange tint to it. Such a nice mom and wife to make GB cupcakes.

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