Who’s playing today?

The bakery at the supermarket had decorated cupcakes for the big game.

You could buy a half dozen where half (that’s three, for those of you not into higher math) had black frosting and the other half had yellow frosting.


Then there were other half dozen packages.  Half were green.

The other half were…orange.

Um.  Hum.

I bought eggs to make our own. 

We’ll be using green and yellow frosting.

3 thoughts on “Who’s playing today?

  1. Aren't the Steelers yellow and black? And if they're not playing in the Super Bowl tonight, or I have the colors wrong, pay no mind to me. I think it's pretty obvious that I don't follow football.

  2. Karen, we're Packers fans over here. Their colors are green and gold (yellow). I don't know why the grocery store had the colors as green and orange. Unlike me, they could obviously produce a yellow.

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